Precision Dentisterie

Lorsque vous cherchez des soins à notre bureau, vous êtes assuré que le Dr. Ramirez et son personnel utilise la dernière technologie pour améliorer la qualité et adapté à vos soins dentaires.

Our practice high power microscopes to enhance the precision of patient care.

Dentistry is micro-surgery. Using a similar microscope that an ophthalmologist uses enables us to create dental restorations with incredibility precise fit and finish. You just cant fulfill that level of care with the naked eye.

In addition to allowing precise, close up work, the microscope directs a beam of light directly on the teeth, minimizing glare to you.

Many dentists use air-drivenhand-pieces” (the dental term fordrills”). While acceptable for many procedures, thesewhiney soundingair powered hand pieces all have a degree of non-concentricity;they do not rotate perfectly smoothly.

For the most precise aspects of restorative procedures, we use electric hand-pieces. This results in extraordinarily precise interfaces between your tooth and your new restoration (crown, veneer, or filling). This will bring more comfort to you as well. With a more precise tool, there is less vibration and less noise